Wednesday, July 7, 2010

QuarkXPress, Adobe Flash and Photoshop CS5

Adobe®Flash Professional®CS5 starts at $694.99, upgrades at $196.99

Page-layout professionals can create rich Flash projects - without compromising design - using the built?in Flash authoring capabilities included in every edition of QuarkXPress 8. Working in the same familiar print environment of QuarkXPress 8, you can take existing print jobs to Flash, or create new Flash projects, in minutes - no additional purchase or coding required!

Adobe®Photoshop®CS5 Extended starts at $994.99, upgrades at $344.99

Bringing the PSD files into QuarkXPress is the same as any other image. Create a Box and then use File > Import... or simply drag and drop the image from your desktop, Finder or an application like Adobe Bridge with or without creating a box first.

To access the special features of PSD, open the PSD Import palette. (Window > PSD Import) Youll instantly see thumbnails of the layers along with their names.

Adobe®Illustrator®CS5 starts at $594.99, upgrades at $190.99

Illustrator is a great tool for creating logos and vector illustrations. Traditionally, the route into QuarkXPress has been to export an EPS from Illustrator. Now, things are made much easier with the arrival of direct Illustrator .ai file import into QuarkXPress 8. Simply drag and drop or import your Illustrator native file into your layout just as you would any graphics file format.

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