Thursday, March 25, 2010

SOUND CHECK: Macs and Software for the Music Professional

Note the Difference

As music mavens, the distinction and clarity of each note is essential in forging a masterpiece. Quality and perfection is what spells the difference between a hit and a flop. Because of this we give only the best platforms and systems to shape seamless musical soundbytes into an auditory musicscape.

Multicore. Multitask.
At the heart of the new Mac Pro are one or two Quad-Core Intel Xeon ?Nehalem? processors with an incredible amount of processing powerThe scheduler in Leopard, for instance, is very efficient at allocating tasks across multiple cores and processors. So Leopard spends less time managing tasks and more time performing computations.

Fast, faster, or fastest?
Every new iMac includes high-performance NVIDIA graphics standard. Now games run smoother, photos load faster, and pro applications have even more power.

The NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics processor makes viewing web pages and searching through your iPhoto library smoother and more efficient. Or you can choose NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 discrete graphics to take 3D graphics up a notch. For 3D graphics-intensive games or pro applications like Aperture and Motion, the NVIDIA GeForce GT 130 and ATI Radeon HD4850 processors deliver the fastest graphics performance yet.

Mac Pro One 2.66GHZ 3GB/640/GT120/SD only $2,308.98 after $10 rebate! Save $190 +FREE Shipping +Free Parallels & Printer after rebates

List Price: $2,499.00
Your Price: $2,318.98
Mail-in Rebate(s): $10.00 (0.43%)
You Save: $190 (8%)

Price: $2,308.98

Apple Software Logic Studio - Full Version (MB795Z/A) $486.99 +FREE Shipping

List Price: $1,999.00
You Save: $149 (7%)

Final Price: $1,849.92

Apple 24" iMac 2.93GHz, 4GB, 640GB HD, SD w/ Keyboard only $1,349.99 +FREE Shipping +Free Parallels & Printer after rebates

List Price: $1,549.00
You Save: $199 (13%)

Final Price: $1,349.99

GarageBand Jam Packs.
Open a Jam Pack and you?ll find all the talent you need ? hundreds of professional backup musicians and sound engineers at your disposal 24/7. Each Jam Pack offers thousands of Apple Loops and dozens of playable software instruments.

Apple Software GarageBand Jam Pack Symphony Orchestra, Rhythm Section, Remix Tools, World Music or Voices only at $89.99 each!

Getting Logical with Music
From the garage, it's time to take music to the next level. Tons of amps, tons of pedals. Full-featured mixing. Complex editing made easy. Combine your recordings to perfection. Get advanced automation. Exciting, sophisticated beats. Plus hear your sounds in real acoustic spaces and more.

Apple Software Logic Studio - Full Version (MB795Z/A) $486.99 +FREE Shipping
List Price: $499.00
You Save: $12 (2%)

Final Price: $486.99

Apple Software Logic Express complete package 1 user DVD Mac only $179.99
List Price: $199.00
You Save: $19 (10%)

Final Price: $179.99